Friday, March 6, 2009



Live overdub at the White House Studio
Pearl River, Louisiana
Engineer: Bob White

Words by J. Roel Lungay

Music and arrangement by Romeo Mascariñas

Performed by Stephanie White

There’s no telling where it’ll end
There’s no saying we’re just friends
All I can say right now is don’t say a word
Love somehow will find a place in our hearts.

I’m in no hurry I can wait
I’ll just tarry ’til it’s here
All I can do right now is not say a word
Love somehow will find a place in our hearts.

I know what love does for you
There’s not much explaining to do
Love somehow will tickle our hearts
And settle inside [that’s why/that‘s right].

The joy that you feel inside
Is much like taking you off for a ride
Love somehow will take its flight
In joining our hearts in love.

I can imagine what I feel
Yet I wonder, if it’s real
I’ll just close my eyes and not say a word
Love somehow will find a place in our hearts.



I’ll just close my eyes and not say a word
Love somehow will find a place in our hearts.

Copyright © 2009 Roro Music. International Copyright Secured.
All Rights Reserved

To view video of this performance, please click here:

Live Video Overdub



Year 2009 is a trailblazing year for us as we embark on a new musical venture we've never tried before - collaborative songwriting and self-publishing. It's a dream we never dared explore in years past when our minds were clear, pure and innocent (LoL), and our imaginations, ambitions and dares were kinda at its peak (huh!). Even though we're both musicians who grew up - and played sports - together, and whose passion for music is beyond anyone's knowing and description, our respective musical journeys have never really crossed paths before except at informal and not-so-formal gatherings (e.g. barkada gatherings, music club gigs, etc) where one played and the other appreciated, in company of boyhood friends. Thirty something years, as a matter of fact, such life's arrangement seemed to be the soup du jour of a lifetime between us from years 1976 to 2008. Then 2009 came and all of a sudden, boom!(forgive us for sounding too cocky and ambitious, hahaha), like an old friend would like to say, an "ala-Lennon-McCartney/Bernie Taupin-Elton John" meeting of the minds and hearts almost instantaneously became the rule of the day and of our newfound fervor, writing songs together!


Roro Music is a combination of two musical minds both of whom are true Dagohoy-blooded Boholanos. It's a collaboration founded on years of friendship, common life experience and shared interest but whose current musical quest and aspiration go beyond the limits and boundaries of some home-grown and culturally-embraced influences of the present time (pop culture), in pursuit of something new and unfamiliar, yet very special (we're going country!), in the hope of breaking new grounds (for future performing artists), creating fresh perspectives (for budding songwriters) and laying new platforms for many ipodcasters (modern music lovers) to enjoy, celebrate and tread on in the many years to come.

Musically yours,

Romeo C. Mascariñas & J. Roel Lungay

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